Belly Painting: Prenatal Art

The arrival of a child is a special, intense and privileged moment in a woman's life. A universe of change is preparing for her, her body begins to evolve and prepares during pregnancy for the newborn baby that will soon come in her life. The physical transformations of the body occur as the baby develops.

The announcement of this event to its relatives is also an important step, sometimes Belly Painting (Prenatal art of painting or prenatal makeup on the belly of the pregnant woman) is used. For a better effect, the belly must be round (between 6 and 8 months) and above all it is necessary to feel in shape because the sessions can last several hours according to the drawing / motif chosen.

Announcing her pregnancy with Belly Painting - Prenatal Makeup

For the woman her belly becomes a visual announcement of the fact that she is pregnant. The Belly Painting or Bellypainting offers her the opportunity to seize the moment of this precious time by decorating belly with original artwork. Bellypainting is an original and artistic way of announcing her pregnancy.

The motif of Belly Painting can be something inspired by the theme of the baby's room or linked to a seasonal celebration that falls off the month scheduled for birth.

The Bellypainting is a source of magical memories because although the paint is washed and cleaned, the memories and the photographs are real and will be shared with the child when he grows up. It is also a special moment for the mother. This is often the only time to refocus around the child to come outside consultations.

The bellypainting: Moment of exchange with the baby

The Bellypainting is a moment of relaxation for the mother but also an intense moment of exchange with the baby.

The brushes, sponges or fingers used for bellypainting tickle the baby and make him react by moving or putting his hand or feet against the belly where the artist draws.