Clean and maintain equipment: brushes and paints

The maintenance

The maintenance and cleaning of brushes are essential in bodypainting. Indeed, the cleaning allows to have clean brushes without risk of allergies or skin problem for the models and their maintenance extend their life and ensures you a quality realization of your bodypainting with brushes in good condition .

Good starting practice is to clean your brushes after each use. Basic simple cleaning with fresh water and soap (preferably a mild natural soap such as marseille soap) allows a simple and effective cleaning. The accessory "Brushegg" or "Brush cleaner" is useful for a thorough thorough cleaning of your brushes.

For bodypainting session, the ideal is to have a container of water, lukewarm preferably to avoid the contact of cold water on the skin of the model or models, which you will use to rinse your brushes. Be sure to change the water as much as necessary to keep it clear and remember to wipe your brushes after rinsing.


For drying, nothing is simpler. Drying in the open air is the best way to dry out if you are careful not to bend or twist the bristles.

It is also possible to use a soft cloth (eg cotton) to wipe off excess water that may remain after rinsing with clean water.


This concerns brushes and, even if we think less often, paintings. Regarding paints the good brands of paint bodypaint incorporates a mild disinfectant in their component (to reduce the development of bacteria related to moisture). However, it is always useful to use a disinfectant specialized spray spray on your paintings from time to time, for example once a month.

It is also useful from time to time to disinfect its brushes, this there are specialized disinfectants for this purpose.

Of course these disinfection steps depend mainly on the frequency of use of your equipment.